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Varazdin County is located in Northwest Croatia and has a population of 184,769 inhabitants. There are 22 communities in Varazdin County with the majority of the population living in the City of Varazdin, which has a population of 50,000 inhabitants.


Despite having limited natural resources, Varazdin County is important strategically and economically. The County is a central transportation corridor that connects the Central Danube to the Adriatic. It is at the heart of the Zagorje Route, which traditionally has linked Northwest Croatia to Slovenia and Hungary. As well, since the completion of the Gorican-Varazdin-Zagreb motorway, Varazdin's transportation infrastructure has been enhanced allowing traffic to travel safer and faster to the major ports and neighboring regions.


Varazdin County's economy is based on agriculture, manufacturing and processing industries, and service industries:



Agriculture, hunting, forestry

8 %

Processing industry

38 %


10 %


30 %

Transport and communication

3 %

Real estate business

4 %

Other (mainly tourism)

7 %


100 %




The County considers education to be a fundamental aspect to economic development, and most of the County's workforce has received technical and postsecondary education in sciences, production processes, business and social sciences. Varazdin County's manufacturing and food processing industries is the backbone of the economy in which milk production, meatpacking, beverage production, textile and leather production, and metal processing are the strongest sectors.





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