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Municipality of Vidovec is located in the central part of Varaždin County, 15 km south-west of Varaždin. It borders with the municipalities Maruševec, Petrijanec, Sračinec in the west, the City of Varaždin in the east and municipalities Beretinec and Ivanec in the south. Vidovec is well connected with the transport networks connecting Varaždin County and with Zagreb, the capital city of Republic of Croatia. According to the 2011 census, there are 5,425 inhabitants, of which Croatians are a majority. Population density in the district is 169 inhabitants/ km2, which is higher than the County average, and the average of the Republic of Croatia.

The Municipality of Vidovec is of medium size. The community is composed of 11 villages: Nedeljanec, Cargovec, Papinec, Šijanec, Vidovec (the seat of the municipality), Budislavec, Domitrovec, Krkanec, Zamlača, Prekno and Tužno.

Agricultural areas cover 90% of the Municipality's territory, while forests cover a smaller remaining part. River Plitvica flows through the Municipality's territory.

Main Economic Activities

Municipality of Vidovec is primarily an agricultural area. The majority of agricultural land is privately owned, and this is why the agriculture is the basic economic activity in the Municipality. 27% of the population are agricultural producers which, according to the 2011 census, means about 1,500 inhabitants more than half of which are active farmers.

Municipality of Vidovec is known for production of Varaždin cabbage which takes primary place in the production of agricultural products, while other cultures include potatoes, pumpkin, celery and kale. Cabbage is planted on a surface of 251.692 ha and its production has a longstanding tradition. The EU also gave great recognition to Varaždin cabbage/sauerkraut by including it in the list of EU Plant Variety Database – vegetable species. In Croatia, Varaždin cabbage holds a mark of authenticity.

Wine making in Vidovec Municipality takes place on the hills around the village Tužno, and today its wine-makers occupy important positions on the wine list of Varaždin County. The specialty of their wine-making is that grapes are picked by hand.

A large number of individual rural households is engaged in poultry farming, pig and cattle breeding. Hunting and fishing are also common activities in the Municipality, above all due to its natural resources.


In the last few years, Municipality of Vidovec has become more tourism-oriented and has created events that are the foundation for rural tourism development. The main cultural event of Vidovec is "Zeljarijada", a tourism product that gives the best synthesis of Vidovec economy, folk customs, culture and gastronomy. "Zeljarijada" or "Cabbage fest" is a traditional event held annually in September since 1997. In the three days of the event, the municipality is visited by 10.000 people. One of Zeljarijada's traditions are musical performances by solo stars and traditional bands. The primary aim of the event is to promote cabbage as the main local product of Vidovec area.

The Cabbage fest has already grown far beyond a simple local, or even regional event, considering the number of performers and visitors. The Vidovec area is also rich in various historical and natural sites attractive for tourists. Throughout the years, Vidovec has preserved its traditional values, customs, culture, folk costumes, as well as its cooperation with various cultural and art societies from Croatia and abroad.


There are several projects in Municipality of Vidovec important for the further development of the municipality. Municipality has launched a project "Barutana", a project to construct  agricultural collection and distribution centar. This centre is of particular importance for all farmers, not only in Municipality of Vidovec, but also in Varaždin County. The main goal of building this center is to protect domestic products as brand of healthy and fresh food.

Future plans for the development of the municipality include projects related to construction of a new kindergarten, as well as construction of ethnic house where it would connect tangible and intangible cultural heritage of this region.


For more information and contact information, please visit the official web site of the Municipality of Vidovec:

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