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Varaždin is a city in north-western Croatia, with the total population of 46.946 on the area of 59,45 km2 with population density of 790/km2 (survey from 2011). The city is the administrative, cultural and economic centre of the Varaždin County and the broader region of north-west Croatia. It is located near the Drava river, close to Slovenian (20 km) and Hungarian (40 km) borders. Also, Croatian capital Zagreb is very near, located only 80 km from Varaždin, accessible via A4 Highway. The closest international airport is located near Zagreb and also accessible via A4 Highway. Varaždin lies in the centre of alluvial plane open to the north, northeast and east but surrounded by hills on the western and southern edges. The city has continental climate with cold and wet winters and warm and dry summers.

Main Economic Activities

Varaždin’s economy has grown extensively after the World War II and based on the existing textile industry and family run small businesses turned into one of industrial centres of Croatia in the post-war period.

The main industrial sectors are textiles, leather goods, food and beverage, metal, and construction industries. The IT sector is being rapidly developed with increasing number of start-ups. Economic development has been encouraged with the creation of a free investment zone, Technology park Varaždin and Several SME zones.

The city is rich in historic, cultural and architectural heritage which has fostered a growth of the tourism sector. Varaždin is continually being awarded for being one of the top tourist destinations in continental Croatia.


Varaždin is famous for its preserved, protected and renovated historic urban centre and its baroque architecture. The city has a rich history spanning to roman times and it emerged as an important centre in middle ages when it earned the title of Free royal city. In the late 18th century it served as an administrative capitol of Croatia.

Development of tourism is one of Varaždin’s main strategic goals, especially in the field of cultural-tourism. The highlights of Varaždin’s offer are two festivals that take place in the end of summer tourist season.

The annual Špancirfest begins at the end of August and lasts for 10 days. It is a unique blend of street and music festival that attracts huge crowds from all over the region. The festival welcomes artists, street performers, musicians and vendors for ten days of “good emotions” and is considered the main motor of Varaždin’s tourism industry. End of September and beginning of October Varazdin hosts the "Varaždin Baroque Evenings festival", a festival of baroque music and culture, both of which hold a special place in Varaždin's identity with performances taking place in churches and other historic venues. The first festival was held in 1971.

Varaždin’s municipal museum has a beautiful historic department housed in Varaždin castle in the city centre and unique entomology collection which presents the world of insects.


ADHOC (INTERREG IIIB CADES) (2006 – 2008) - 1.494.643,00 €

Pan-European project of development and implementation of innovative policies for sustainable revitalisation of historic urban centres.

ONE CLICK AWAY (IPA IV) (2011 – 2012) - 117.645,00 €

Regional web-portal for job searchers.

HER SECOND CHANCE (H2C) (IPA IV) (2010 – 2011) - 118.190,10 €

Increasing employment ability of women through education, motivation and creation of a institutional framework

E-SCENE (Europe for citizens) (2011 – 2012) - 122.195,48 €

Establishing basis for growth of creative industries through creation of network between young artists from partner cities in the fields of visual arts, music and street-performances/circus arts.

CITY VOLUNTEERS (CBC IPA SLO-HR 2007-2013) (2011 – 2013) - 711.886,00 €

Establishment of volunteering system in the cross-border region and supporting the organisations that conduct volunteering activities.

ACTIVE (IPA IV) (2013 – 2015) - 265.221,92 €

Providing 1on1 assistants to pre-school and school children with developmental difficulties.

INDIGO GREEN (IPA IV) (2013 – 2014) - 158.000,00 €

Helping the long-term unemployed get back into the active life by providing them with education within the field of small-scale agriculture and self-help programs


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