To celebrate Europe Day, the EU institutions opened their doors to the public on 6th May 2017. The Committee of the Regions organised Festival of European Regions and Cities under the motto: Proud of my Region/City, the presentation of political groups, a meeting and a debate with pro-European citizens' initiatives. 26 regions and cities of EU presented to around 2 700 visitors their diversity and attractiveness, traditions at their interactive stands in Committee of the Regions.

Croatian Regions Office presented one of the most famous souvenirs of Continental Croatia, traditionally made by the Gladović Family craft in the Varaždin County: licitar.

Licitar is a colourfully decorated cookie made from honey dough, similar to gingerbread. Every licitar is hand-made with the same process used for several hundred years. The special way of decorating the licitar is an art form in itself and this made licitar enter the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. Visitors at the stand were able to decorate and keep the licitar as souvenirs or taste the sweet gingerbread.

Among other, the Open Day and all these activities were an excellent opportunity to promote our country, Croatian Regions Office and  exchange contacts with other participating EU offices.

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